Our planning day for ZunTold
Jul 31, 2017
Our plans for 2017 and beyond

Tilda, who will be working with us a freelance editor, and I met on Friday for a planning day, accompanied by my two very naughty beagles. Mabel in particular decided that she ought to have a prime position in the company, simply because she seems to think she really is the most important living creature in the room and that it will mean bonus cuddles to boot. Harvey on the other hand, was his usual aloof self, happy to ignore us as long as his position in his armchair wasn’t stolen. It wasn’t – you wouldn’t want to sit there, what with it being chewed and covered in dog hair.

We are so excited about the potential to develop a long- lasting and innovative publishing company here in Manchester. We can see rows of book shelves stocked from floor to ceiling with all the marvellous creations we plan to publish, and opening our doors to coffee and cake with our authors and artists.

Initially, our three-year plan is to commission five fiction and one non -fiction books for 2018, rising to eight fiction and two non-fiction books for 2019. We have two books commissioned already (very exciting) and will be talking about those a little later on. Both are by authors based here in Manchester.

The website should be ready to launch in September – built by the very talented Joe Jachim - and September is when we will open our doors to submissions. Watch this space for more news.


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